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Doughwich is a cookie dough ice-cream sandwich made with careful attention to flavor and palate. It is the progeny of many hours spent experimenting in the kitchen and sampling outside. Ice cream is something I have long been passionate about; indeed one of my earliest childhood memories surrounds it!

When I was about three years old, I went trick-or-treating with my older brother. Naturally, he said “trick-or-treat” and got candy, but I asked if they had any “i-cweam” and so my love for ice cream began!

Until recently, I was working a hectic job in real estate and Doughwich is the product of wanting to do something more entrepreneurial and ice cream-related. After spending some time in the United Kingdom learning about the business and touring a manufacturer, I decided to bring my ideas to life in Doughwich. Every sandwich represents my passion, dedication and time spent crafting perfection.

At Doughwich, we are committed to making people happy with every bite! We seek to innovate by introducing modern trends to a traditional favorite of dessert lovers and ice cream fanatics.

Join us in our journey and share our passion for Doughwich with your family and friends.


Frank has meticulously crafted the perfect recipe and the optimum ratio of cookie dough to ice cream, ensuring every bite has balanced texture and taste. The process begins with heat-treating our flour to guarantee our dough is safe to eat. Butter and sugar are creamed to make the dough fluffy and smooth! We then roll our dough to the perfect thickness and layer our freshly-made ice cream to make Doughwich.

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