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Doughwich is an out-of-the-box indulgent treat born from a childhood obsession.

Founder Frank Finelli loved ice cream so much as a kiddo he even preferred it over the colorful candy other kids were eagerly collecting on Halloween night. Story goes, instead of “trick-or-treat”, three-year-old Frank asked his perplexed but charmed neighbors, “Have any i-cweam?”.


Fast forward through decades of hustle as a grownup in the “real world”, Frank realized his life was lacking a couple key ingredients – flavor and satisfaction. He knew he needed to tap back into that magical mindset he had as a child, where every day could be made sweeter and life was full of possibility.


That ambition took Frank to the UK to study the cookie dough business before bringing his big idea stateside as Doughwich – a cookie dough ice cream sandwich that kid dreams are made of.


To our benefit (and his, let’s be honest), Frank spent endless hours experimenting in the kitchen to get Doughwich just right. The winning formula? Heat-treating the flour to guarantee the dough is safe to eat. Butter and sugar creamed together until smooth and fluffy as a sugar cloud. A layer of freshly-made ice cream to pull it all together. And of course, a tried-and-tested cookie-dough-to-ice-cream ratio ensuring the perfect balance of texture and taste in each bite.


Are Doughwich cookie dough ice cream sandwiches out-of-this-world delicious? Obvi. But more than that, every Doughwich, from Dough’candy to Dough’nilla, represents passion, dedication, and time spent crafting perfection for kids of all ages to enjoy.


So please dough. We mean do. 😜



In good taste,

Frank & Team Doughwich

The Dough Team

At Doughwich, we are committed to making people happy with every bite! We seek to innovate by introducing modern trends to a traditional favorite of dessert lovers and ice cream fanatics.

Join us in our journey and share our passion for Doughwich with your family and friends.

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